The Law Offices Of Jeffrey Alvirez: Who We Are

It may be true that we all have equal rights under the law, but it's also true that how you present your case and the choices you make can greatly affect its outcome.

I am attorney Jeff Alvirez, and for over 20 years I have helped clients protect their rights, their property and their future.

Protecting The Injured

If you have suffered an injury due to another driver's negligence, you have the right to full compensation. Insurance companies often take advantage of situations where people do not have representation. They can offer settlements that do not cover the true, long-term cost of the accident. This is also true in cases of premises liability. If you were injured because you slipped or tripped and fell in an apartment building, supermarket, restaurant or bar or other venue, speak to a lawyer about what you should do. Dog bites and other animal bites can leave serious scars and cost thousands of dollars in reparative surgery. If the victim is a child, sometimes those surgeries cannot be done until the child reaches maturity. Many initial settlements do not take into consideration these future medical bills.

Landlord-Tenant Law

A landlord is a business owner. Your business is renting or leasing the properties you own. As a landlord you most likely will come into a situation with a tenant who is not paying or otherwise not following the stipulations and rules in the rental agreement. Or you may purchase a property that has current problem tenants. Their behavior can range from nuisance behavior to unlawful activity. Problem tenants not only disturb the neighbors but can cause other, upstanding tenants undue stress and motivate them to not renew their leases. In the end, doing nothing may cost you more than taking action. With all of the recent changes to landlord/tenant rights, consulting an experienced landlord-tenant lawyer is in your best interest.

The Truth About Traffic Violations

Sooner or later most of us in California get a moving violation. Sometimes the best path is to pay your fine and be on your way. Other times, especially if this is not your first violation or if the citation is unjust, it may take the involvement of a legal professional to mitigate the damage these violations cause to your driving privileges and record. In fact, being able to drive may be necessary for your job or to your family and personal livelihood. The Law Offices of Jeffrey Alvirez can help. With over two decades of trial and traffic experience, I know the Pasadena and Los Angeles court systems, the law and what your best options are.

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