Helping Clients For Over Two Decades: What We Do

There are some issues in life that you can fix yourself. Sometimes a simple tightening of a washer will fix a leaky faucet. Sometimes what appears to be a leaky faucet is actually a problem deeper in the plumbing. When that happens it's time to call in a professional.

The same is true of legal issues. Sometimes, the answer is to simply accept and pay the ticket. Other times there are extenuating circumstances that should be considered. Studies show that in defense cases the sooner you call in the help of a legal professional the more successful you are likely to be.

Traffic Violation Assistance

As a successful attorney who has worked in the California traffic courts for over 20 years I understand which violations can be argued and possibly dismissed and what your options are in order to minimize any damage to your driving privileges and record. I am an experienced trial attorney who can help you with:

  • Traffic tickets
  • Speeding tickets
  • Auto accidents
  • Litigation

Experienced Personal Injury Representation

If you have suffered an injury due to another's negligence, you have the right to pursue the compensation that covers all of your injuries including lost wages, pain and suffering, medical bills and trauma. Insurance companies often take advantage of situations where people do not have experienced legal representation. They can offer settlements that do not cover the true, long-term costs of the accident. Before you speak with any insurance company representative consult your own attorney.

Premises Liability Cases And Dog Bites

  • In cases of premises liability there may be long-term, lingering effects of an accident. If you were injured because you slipped or tripped and fell in an apartment building, supermarket, restaurant, bar or other venue, speak to a lawyer about how to pursue adequate compensation.
  • Dog bites and other animal bites can leave serious scars and cost thousands in reconstructive surgery. If the victim is a child, sometimes these surgeries cannot be done until the child reaches maturity. Many initial settlements do not take into consideration these future medical bills.

Three Facts About Bike And Pedestrian Accidents

If you were hit by a vehicle while bike riding, walking or running, your injuries may be severe.

  1. Do not accept any settlement offer by an insurance company before talking to an attorney who is experienced and qualified in personal injury.
  2. Even seemingly small "bumps" can have long-term effects and unseen damage, especially to the back, knees and elbows.
  3. Head injuries, including traumatic brain injuries (TBI), can have symptoms that range from mild to severe and are not initially obvious. Be sure to be seen by a medical professional any time you are hit or knocked down by a vehicle.

Tenant/Landlord Issues

California tenant/landlord laws are in constant flux. For experienced advice on eviction, nuisance tenants or other issues, contact me for a free initial consultation.

Finding The Solution

An experienced attorney can make a world of difference. Empower yourself and get the support your need for a fair and just resolution. Call the Pasadena Law Offices of Jeffrey Alvirez for a free initial consultation to discuss your issue: 626-657-0449. Or fill out the online contact form and I will be in touch with you. Serving clients in West San Bernardino County and East Los Angeles County.