Accessible Legal Counsel

All law firms are not created equally. Some firms are about reaching quotas and getting cases resolved as quickly as possible. At the Pasadena Law Offices of Jeffrey Alvirez, I take a different approach. I look at what I can do for you. In most cases there are options available that will cause the least interruption to your life and have the least negative impact. Even with something as small as a traffic ticket, the way its resolution is approached can have a marked difference and end result.

Work Directly With An Attorney

At the Law Offices of Jeffrey Alvirez, no case or issue is too big or too small. You will never be handed off to a paralegal, but instead work directly with attorney Jeffrey Alvirez every step of the way. I will give your case my full attention and availability. Instead of going through an operator and secretary and waiting days or weeks for an appointment, you will have direct contact with me and always know where your case stands.

A Trained Trial Attorney

As a trained California trial attorney for personal injury cases, I have insider knowledge about courts and a deep understanding as to how rulings are made. I know what facts will influence the outcome of your case and what arguments and actions to avoid. I bring my two decades of legal skills and understanding to each and every case I accept. I have helped numerous clients resolve their issues successfully and favorably in motor vehicle accidents and personal injuries, such as dog bites and slip-and-fall cases. I work with landlords to prevent, avoid and resolve eviction and numerous tenant issues. I have helped landlords who own a single unit to owners of hundreds of units protect their property and investments.

Creative Problem Solving

There are often more solutions to a problem than initially meet the eye. As your lawyer, I will take the time to review your situation and advise you of your options. I will make sure you understand your legal recourse as well as advise you on the best course of action to take to reach your goal. Call me for a free initial consultation to discuss your issue: 626-657-0449. Or fill out the online contact form and I will be in touch with you. Serving clients in West San Bernardino County and East Los Angeles County.